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Advanced, simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID and call recording.
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Version History

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Advanced Call Center

Version 4.5

September 2002

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed double e-mail notification
  • Fixed greeting authorization

Version 4.4

August 2002

New Features:

  • Auto-away feature to automatically enable answering machine when you're out
  • Telemarketer Call Block (Properties - Call Block)
  • New icons

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Caller ID update bug

Version 4.3

June 2002

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed "Start Command" bug
  • Fixed a bug with remote message retrieval

Version 4.2

February 2002

New Features:

  • An ability to sent e-mail notifications via your MAPI client or SMTP server directly
  • Windows XP style rebar (gradient)
  • New calls marked bold in the Inbox
  • New Zealand cell phone number formatting
  • Updated documentation
  • Used for Product Key generation and delivery

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Advanced Formatting (better telephone number formatting)
  • Changed answering machine beep sound
  • Fixed dial-up compatibility in COM port mode
  • Fixed printing address book and Inbox entries with special characters (the '&' problem)

Version 4.1

December 2001

New Features:

  • Added instant modem compatibility detection (COM and TAPI modes)
  • Added troubleshooting recommendations in case of modem problems

Bug Fixes:

  • Cosmetic bug fixes

Version 4.0

September 2001

New Features

  • New user interface
  • Printing of incoming calls and address book contacts
  • XML export of call list and address book
  • Fast and easy comment for every call
  • Advanced Find function in the Address Book and Inbox
  • Instant search and advanced find in Address Book, Dialer and Inbox
  • "Answering machine companion" functionality added (can work together with your hardware answering machine, not just instead of it)
  • Instant call recording and playback
  • Easy e-mail call forwarding
  • "Save as" for every message recorded
  • All data structures fully compatible with previous versions
  • "Edit WAV" function for recorded calls

Bug Fixes:

  • Better TAPI compatibility
  • Faster loading Inbox
  • Better Silence Detection

Version 3.6

April 2001

New Features:

  • Telemarketer call block

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed playing messages from the Inbox

Version 3.5

March 2001

New Features:

  • Simpler, more intuitive setup and configuration

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed call location display
  • Fixed many small glitches in TAPI mode
  • Fixed a certain amount of glitches in COM port mode

Version 3.02

January 2001

  • Fixed ETSI Caller ID
  • Fixed Setup issues
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed Call Display name resolution

Version 3.0

October 2000

  • Remote message retrieval from any touch-tone telephone.
  • Basic remote control capabilities.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Can run a program on or after the call (optionally passing caller's name and/or number as a command line parameter).
  • Added call forward or voice mail features (may require Call Forward service from the phone company).
  • Translated to English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Can send e-mail notification to more than one address.
  • Can announce caller with voice repeatedly.
  • Improved Address Book.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Dialer issues;
    • Text synthesis issue with N/A calls;
    • Several e-mail issues;
    • Handset position monitoring issues when the program went on-hook while detecting the number being dialed;
    • Toll saver bug;
    • Serial port enumeration issues;
    • Message box issues.

Call Corder


December 2002

  • 10:1 compression - recorded messages take up to 10 times less space
  • New GUI includes easily available multi-line comments, searching, sorting, and filtering
  • Multiple folders to categorize messages
  • Startup directly to system tray with no main window shown
  • Optionally displays or suppresses incoming call and Caller ID messages


October 2002

  • Added an option to start in the system tray with no main window
  • Added an option to disable call notifications
  • Preliminary: API allows controlling Call Corder from third-party applications
  • Preliminary: file compression
  • Improved modem compatibility, especially for Win-modems
  • Slight GUI changes


August 2002

  • Added File -> XML export command to export call list to a printable XML file
  • Caller ID update bug fix
  • Added support for Comvurgent hardware


  • Small GUI changes and bug fixes
  • Activation bug fixes


  • An ability to sent e-mail notifications via your MAPI client or SMTP server directly
  • Windows XP style rebar (gradient)
  • Used for Product Key generation and delivery


  • Automatic e-mail notification added
  • Minor bug fixes


July 28, 2001

  • Great new User Interface
  • Hold and Hold On-Hold (tm) functions added
  • New documentation
  • Better support for TAPI cards and TAPI-compatible modems
  • Way2Call Hi-Phone support added
  • Windows XP compatibility added
  • Automatic call recording and silence detection added
  • Will recognize and store all tone keys pressed during the recording


April 16, 2001

  • Added an option to automatically record all incoming calls (starts recording after the last ring)
  • Smoother recording on U.S.Robotics modems
  • Fixed 'unexpected recording end' bug


April 2001

  • Maintenance bug fix release
  • Fixed minor recording and user interface glitches


March 2001

  • Legal Guide
  • Automatic Recording (toggled by handset position)


March, 2001

  • Documentation
  • Bug fixes


March 10, 2001

  • Initial Release

fonXL Call Display Screen Saver

Version 1.0

January 2, 2001

  • Initial release.

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Busy Call Return. To activate, press *66. To de-activate, press *86.