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Advanced, simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID and call recording.
5-star Computer Answering Machine

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Call Corder was given 5 Diamonds on Tom Download

Call Corder was given 4 Cows on TuCows.

"Call Corder has the potential to be very useful in business environments.", the reviewer said.

Call Corder at TuCows

Call Corder got 5 stars on


Call Corder was rated 5 on Rocket Download

"This program is perfect if you've ever tried and failed to recall details from past telephone conversations.", the reviewer said. Review

Call Corder was given a rating of 5 stars by FileHungry.

FileHungry Award

Call Corder has been selected in the category " Internet Phones, Caller ID and Paging Tools  " by SoftLandMark editorial team and was given a rating of 5 stars

SoftLandMark Award

Call Corder was awarded with "ListSoft Good" award

ListSoft is one of Russia's most popular software store. Call Corder was given a "ListSoft Good" award.

ListSoft Good


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Display PLUS service. If you subscribe to Call Display PLUS, you have the option of blocking anonymous calls. Just dial *77 and your telephone will not ring for anonymous calls. You can de-activate this service at any time by pressing *87.