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Advanced, simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID and call recording.
5-star Computer Answering Machine

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Call Corder was given 5 Diamonds on Tom Download

Call Corder was given 4 Cows on TuCows.

"Call Corder has the potential to be very useful in business environments.", the reviewer said.

Call Corder at TuCows

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Call Corder was rated 5 on Rocket Download

"This program is perfect if you've ever tried and failed to recall details from past telephone conversations.", the reviewer said. Review

Call Corder was given a rating of 5 stars by FileHungry.

FileHungry Award

Call Corder has been selected in the category " Internet Phones, Caller ID and Paging Tools  " by SoftLandMark editorial team and was given a rating of 5 stars

SoftLandMark Award

Call Corder was awarded with "ListSoft Good" award

ListSoft is one of Russia's most popular software store. Call Corder was given a "ListSoft Good" award.

ListSoft Good


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Display (Caller ID) service. When a call comes in to your line, the number and name of the caller will show on the display. If the incoming caller's number is blocked, "Private" or "Anonymous" will be displayed.